Nails play a significant role in your overall appearance, and at our clinic, we understand the importance of well-groomed, healthy nails. Whether you’re seeking a simple, classic look or craving the latest nail trends, we have a range of nail treatments to cater to your desires.

Indulge in a world of relaxation, creativity, and self-expression as we pamper your hands and nails. Our nail treatments are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your nails while promoting their strength and longevity.

Gel Manicure

The magic of a Gel Manicure lies in its remarkable durability. Expect chip-free, glossy nails that stay flawless for up to two weeks or more. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or simply want a manicure that endures the test of time, our Gel Manicure is your go-to solution.

Say goodbye to smudging and drying time—our gel polish dries instantly under UV light, leaving you with pristine, ready-to-show-off nails. Plus, the high-quality gel formula not only offers vibrant colors but also helps protect and strengthen your natural nails.

Price £25

Shellac Manicure

Elevate your nail game with a Shellac Manicure, combine the beauty of traditional nail polish with the durability of gel, resulting in nails that stay flawlessly vibrant for weeks.

Shellac, known for its gentle hybrid formulation, offers lasting elegance without the need for frequent touch-ups.

Choose from an array of stunning shades, and say goodbye to chipping and smudging. Indulge in nails that shine with radiance, courtesy of Shellac.

Price £25

BIAB Gel Nails

BIAB is a builder-in-a-bottle product designed to strengthen your natural nails allowing them to grow. We have noticed an increase in the desire for naturally strong nails with less maintenance than nail extensions. This product comes in a variety of nude tones colours and tones.

Frequently Asked Questions


18 years old

BIAB is more hard-wearing than standard gel polish. We recommend infill as your nails grow (approx. 3-6 weeks).

Price £30

No Gel Manicure

With our Cuticle Tidy & Nail Shaping treatment, you can enjoy stunning, neatly manicured nails without the need for additional polish. It’s the ideal choice for those who prefer a classic, polished appearance that’s both simple and sophisticated.

Price £18