Welcome to my unique sanctuary – Sukhy’s Beauty Clinic. This is a place where holistic wellness and aesthetics harmoniously blend. As the proud owner, I am devoted to guiding each person toward unveiling their most radiant self.

My fascination with the blend of nature and science in skincare began at a young age. I have since spent 15 transformative years in the beauty industry, sharpening my skills and expanding my knowledge. I believe deeply that beauty shines from the inside out, and that each woman should be empowered to choose her own path to that inner radiance.

My journey towards a holistic approach to beauty started when I turned 44 and began to notice the first signs of ageing. I discovered face yoga and dedicated time to this discipline. To my amazement, I experienced firsthand transformative power. This led me to integrate face yoga into my professional services, making it a key part of the offerings at my services.

As a lifelong learner, I never stop exploring. I’ve added Advanced Facial treatments, along with Aesthetic Treatments Mesotherapy, Skin Boosters, Profhilo, Lumi Eyes, and Cryotherapy to the range of services at my clinic. Keeping abreast of the latest trends and technologies is essential to me, allowing me to offer you the best care.

Regardless of the treatment, my philosophy stays consistent: each path you take toward self-confidence and self-love brings you closer to feeling authentically beautiful from the inside out.

I find boundless joy in seeing women leave my salon with radiant, confident smiles. I believe in empowering each woman to feel 100% confident in her skin, offering a variety of routes toward self-love and acceptance.

Sukhy’s Beauty Clinic is more than just a salon—it’s a testament to my lifelong passion and commitment to helping women find their inner glow. As a dedicated practitioner of both Aesthetic treatments and natural Face yoga exercises, I take immense pride in offering personalised solutions, crafted from my extensive knowledge and heartfelt passion. Your journey towards radiant confidence starts here, gently guided by someone who not only provides beauty treatments but also shares her passion and spirit with each woman she meets. Step into a tranquil haven where you will be treated with warmth, care, and utmost dedication. Welcome to a world where you are celebrated, empowered, and nurtured—helping you reveal your unique glow.